Grand Slam Outdoors is the parent company to several ventures in the outdoor industry. A few are listed below and several others are either patent pending or in early stages of development.


Trips 4 trade

Trips4Trade is a website service that allows users to swap trips and experiences they have for trips they want to go on. Similar to a home exchange platform, users trade trips instead of selling. The four categories of trips on the site are Outdoors, Adventure, Vacation, and Sports. This includes: hunting, fishing, camping, beach condos, skiing, and even box seats to sports games. If you are interested in swapping trips, please click the link below. 



Cooler Comrade was our first very simple invention. It dates back to 2010 when our founder got a Yeti cooler and there wasn’t anywhere to put a drink koozie. So he took a knife and made a slit in the bottom of the koozie so it could fit on the Yeti handles. Flash forward 8 year later, after founding Grand Slam Outdoors, and we have the Cooler Comrade .

Everybody has a cabinet or drawer full of koozies. However, too often the koozies are left in that cabinet or drawer when they are needed most. The Cooler Comrade was designed for brand promotion and to always keep your koozie close to the ice-cold beverages – right where they belong!

Our Patent Pending utility design fits almost every kind of rotomolded cooler handle on the market. If your company’s branded koozie is on that cooler then your brand is getting 100% more exposure than sitting in the cabinet or drawer. Proudly display your brand in the back of trucks, at the next party, or wherever your adventures take you.

Click the link below to learn how you can get your brand on a Cooler Comrade!

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GRand SLam outdoors Turkey INVITATIONAL (GSOTI)

The Grand Slam Outdoors Turkey Invitational is an annual event in March hosted at Old South Farms in Moundville, Alabama. Hunters register a two person team and compete for prizes and cash that are awarded to the teams that harvests the largest-scoring two bird combinations. In the 2018 invitational, 65 teams entered and 29 birds were harvested. The event includes a steak dinner, raffles, crawfish boil, fishing, and a live band. If you are interested in entering a team or becoming an Event Sponsor, please click the link below. 


Grand Slam Outdoors Dove Invitational (GSODI)

The Grand Slam Outdoors Dove Invitational is an annual event in September. The focus of this event is to network with other companies in the Outdoor Industry while enjoying a dove shoot. If you are associated with a business in the Outdoor Industry and are interested in attending this event, please click the link below.